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The “Winter Boyfriend” 

February is halfway over.  Have you locked in your winter boyfriend?

Actors: Allison Goldberg & Dave Thomas Brown

Production Team: Juilenne Jones & Matt Beck

Contextualized by Lively Productions

The internet performed. (Last weekend of current live show: August 23-25th!)

Actors: Andrea Biggs, Collin Blackard, Brittany Blum, Dave Thomas Brown, Matthew R. Cox, Allison Goldberg, Jen Jamula, Wendy Joy, Charlotte Kaufman, Casey Malone, Chad Anthony Miller, Tai Verley

Production Team: Elaine White (Camera & Editor), Alex Leafer (Editor & Key Grip), Ben Cohen (Lights & Key Grip), Casey Malone (Production Manager)

A special thanks to everyone at the stickk.com offices for allowing us to use their wonderful office space!

Material completely verbatim (yes, that’s right!) from OverheardInTheOffice.com & Twitter.com

Conceived & Compiled by Lively Productions.