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An Open Letter To Pumpkin-Flavored Seasonal Treats.

Cover me in pumpkin spice and call me Jackie! Blog post performed verbatim by Lively Productions. Incomparably excellent text by Ilana Plen. NO AFFILIATION WITH THE WRITER. Original text at Mcsweeneys.net.

Actor: Jackie Robinson

Production Team: Ben Cohen (Director), Martin Loper (Director of Photography, Visual Effects), Craig Newman (Editor, Key Grip), Casey Malone (Assistant Director) 

Contextualized by Lively Productions

The internet performed.

It’s Naked Time by Colin Nissan

from mcsweeneys.net

Actors: Matthew R. Cox & Julienne Jones

Production Team: Matthew Beck (Camera & Director of Photography), Allison Goldberg (Key Grip), Julienne Jones (Camera & Editor) 

Originally performed in Lively Productions’ Blogologues: Come Here Often? in January 2012 at UNDER St. Mark’s Theater, NYC.