We’re finally releasing clips from our live show! GET EXCITED.

Scottish comedian Janey Godley live-tweeted a breakup. We stumbled upon the tweets and performed them in our live show, Blogologues Technoganza: Like a LOLcat Watching Itself on Youtube. Featuring Jen Jamula, Wendy Joy, and Dave Thomas Brown. 

Next live show: 

Blogologues: #sexytime!

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March 28-April 6

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It’s TWEET WEEK, Lively Productions-style!  Time to get SPOOKY in the lead-up to our next live show (Oct 25-27th in NYC) with election- and Halloween-related tweets…COMIN’ AT YA!!!  Bwahahaha!

Tweet #3 courtesy of @MeganAmram

Actor: Desmond Thorne

Production Team: Michael Rehfield, Casey Malone

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Blogologues’ Spooky Election Special: Boo-rack Zombama vs. Sexy Nurse Romney

Oct. 25-27th (Thurs - Sat!) at 8pm

The Red Room — 85 East 4th St., NYC

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