Auditions Next Wednesday!

Blogologues will be hosting auditions next Wednesday, August 6, from 12pm - 5pm! We’re looking for hilarious, versatile humans (preferably non-white) to join the Blogologues ensemble! To schedule an audition, email info@livelyproductions with your head shot, resume, and a funny cover letter.

Visit backstage for more audition information, if you have an account and feel like it. Woo!


How am I going to tell them I lost my job.
I have a wife, and 3 children
3 Children. 


How am I going to tell them I lost my job.

I have a wife, and 3 children

3 Children. 

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Converting the Masses: Castro Convertibles Joins the Blogologues Pack

We are so excited to have Castro Convertibles joining us as a sponsor for Blogologues: Welcome to the Jungle and this news could not be better for every single human and animal among us.

The Castro Convertible Ottoman easily turns from an ottoman into a bed. So: you just moved into the smallest apartment in New York and can buy ONE, but only one, piece of furniture… with a Castro Convertible Ottoman, you could have a comfortable place to sit, sleep, and, if you get creative, it could even serve as a table, couch or husband. Now you can say with a confidence your fifth grade T-ball coach never thought you had: “One piece of furniture will serve me just fine, New York!”

Obviously, we are very excited to be partnering with a company as classic and innovative as Castro Convertibles, but with this sponsorship comes some great perks for you, dear audience, as well!



1. 2 VIP ticket holders per show will be sitting on a convertible ottoman of gold - okay, leopard print - for the duration of the show while the rest of the audience sits in *gags* …chairs.

2. Castro Convertibles will be giving away a free convertible ottoman to one lucky audience member per weekend. All you have to do to be in the running for this amazing prize is “like” Castro Convertibles on Facebook and leave your contact information with their representative on the night of the show.

3.  Even if you’re a loser who never wins raffles ever, as a Blogologues audience member you will get an ~exclusive discount~ on all Castro Convertible items on their website with the discount code URanANIMAL.

brb gotta go take a nap on my ottoman/bed/throne/heavenly cloud (did I die??? (I don’t even care if I’m dead so long as there are convertible ottomans in Heaven! (THIS JUST IN: CONVERTIBLE OTTOMANS IN HEAVEN!!!!!!!!!)))

This spring, Blogologues performed at Internet Week and boy was it a blast! Check out some footage from the show and feel free to LOL or reblog or share with your friends or adopt an older dog because you heard they have the most love to give. We certainly did!

Blogologues and Mashable Give You “10 Workouts for Your Morning Commute”

Did you make a Commitment to Fitness but can’t seem to find the time to be faithful to it? Worry no more! This week, Blogologues and Mashable have brought you the solution to your Time vs. Fitness conundrum.

“10 Workouts for Your Morning Commute” provides you with all the tips necessary to stay fit while at your busiest.

Visit Mashable to see the full video!