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Dat A.S.S. is in the Press!

Check out our great press in VICE, The Daily Beast, CBS, The Village Voice, New York Magazine’s Bedford + Bowery, and The L Magazine!

"When I had all but given up hope on humanity, I came across a comedy troupe called Blogologues and my faith in our species was restored."— VICE


“This is a great, intelligent, funny show.” — The Daily Beast


CBS listed us as one of “The Five Best Things to do in NYC Tonight”.


“It’s disgustingly well done.”– The Village Voice


““Dat A.S.S.” features a live music video about bronies (male fans of My Little Pony) set to Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” a love story told through real Tindr messages, and a prom night lecture inspired by the Facebook page Parents Against Weird Sex.” — New York Magazine’s Bedford + Bowery


“There’s no doubting that sex got a whole lot more interesting once the internet got involved and no on knows that better than the folks at Blogologues.”– The L Magazine


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Enter the Magical World of Blogologues, Behind the Scenes!

Have you been suffering from some post-holiday depression? Do you miss those days of having an excuse, besides loneliness, for being drunk and surrounded by friends? YOU ARE IN LUCK.

On February 6, at 8pm (7pm if you’re a VIP. Are you a VIP?), Blogologues is hosting “Behind The Scenes: Blogologues Benefit”, a fundraiser celebrating new media, the arts and women in comedy. The night includes cocktails, performances and presentations (bros, we got the awesome Trevor Owens, CEO of Lean Startup Machine, and Lauren Kaelin, creator ofBenjamemes). The event will be hosted at Classic Kids Photography (1182 Lexington Avenue), where all of our promo photos are taken!

You can purchase the wild General Admission Ticket for $35 (includes cocktails, mingling and dancing with the Blogologues team) or you can be a straight baller and purchase the VIP Premium Ticket for $75 (includes previous, plus early entrance at 7pm, champagne toast and a private Blogologues performance).





Jan 06


We can sniff your untapped (or maybe, tapped) comedic potential from several subway stops away and we are beckoning you to brace us with your funny.

“Uh, what?”, you ask.

Sit back playa and let me tell you.


At READ THE INTERNET OUT LOUD: Open Mic Night, you can read that break-up text you’re dying to share with New York City or that OKCupid message that’s an goddamn POEM or that Craigslist post you “stumbled on”. You can do characters while you read it or you just be a pimp and straight up read it.


  1. Show up and sign up.
  2. Once your name is called on stage, take a shot. (THAT’S RIGHT, FREE SHOTS.)
  3. State the source.
  4. Do your thang for 2 minutes (after which you will get buzzed out. Be cool, you had your spotlight.)

You don’t have to stay the whole time and, hell, you don’t even have to participate. But you pay whether or not you participate, and you get a free shot if you participate, so work that out.

Learn more and buy your tickets at READ THE INTERNET OUT LOUD: Open Mic Night.

See you in a few. 


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